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ADECA - Food Chain and Agribusiness Strategic Programme

A strategic discussion forum for the Food Chain leaders.


D. Jesus Serafin. ADECA

High level executives in charge of making strategic decisions in the food and agribusiness sector increasingly face an unpredictable market. Hyper-competition stemming from market maturity and globalization increase the complexity of the business situations that need to be addressed.  On the other hand, the economic crisis has propelled price sensitivity of consumers and customers, who now make more rational purchase decisions.

Although the food industry is one of the less impacted by the economic crisis, it is more difficult today to preserve prices and margins with business models that were successful in the last decade. This poses the need to revitalize and reinvent value propositions, companies and their structures to remain competitive and profitable. But, at the same time, also new business opportunities are created around the world.

ADECA is an Advanced Strategic Discussion Forum designed to help top management improve their understanding and their skills to react adequately in such environment. It has a strong strategic orientation; it focuses on the challenges, issues and opportunities facing the global food system (from agriculture to retail distribution). As such, ADECA is a unique Programme in the European Union.

The Programme is divided into four intensive modules, one module per month from April to July, each module of two days duration.
ADECA is organised yearly since 2003 in Seville, Spain.

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